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Lately things have been kinda crazy at my school. The self-appointed school board has put the principal on 'payed leave' and are trying to fire him. Most of the students protested this on Friday, and on Monday the board came to assembly and explained the situation, took questions, etc. It was such BS, they said for example that 'all the information regarding the situation with the principal is a lie,' but they said it was illegal to tell us the truth. 

They also said that, because all the students are so distressed about this, they hired a councilor for people to talk to. They also said that they had no intention of trying to take control of the school. Then, they promptly installed one of the board members as the temporary principal. 

This whole issue basically began with the board not allowing a teacher representative on the board, even though it says in the charter that they NEED to have a teacher on the board. When asked about this, they said that they must've missed that part. These people are clearly incredibly corrupt, but we can't do anything about it.

Today, everyone got emails saying that everyone who protested on Friday would be given detention. That's like 100 something people. Also today, our math teacher was taken out of class abruptly, and not even the teachers know where he's gone. Rumor has it, he has been fired. We don't know anything for sure. In his absence, apparently one of the female board members came in and started to teach everyone how charter schools work. what the FUCK are we supposed to think?

Seperate from this issue are my social issues. People give me SO MUCH SHIT for being a "Furfag, horsefucker, autist," etc. I have nothing in common with anyone at school. Not only this, but my dumb fucking slut of an ex apparently decided to tell EVERYONE about my fucking kinks. Apparently everyone's kinks at school are common knowledge. I don't want mine to be known, nor do I want to know those of others. Everyone at my school is an indecent CUNT, and I hate almost every single one of them. 

I'm so fed up with everything. I'm going to try to get myself suspended for a few days with some colorful language. If that doesn't work, Id be more than happy to start a fight with one of the cunts who gives me shit about being a "furfag." In fact, I might skip the colorful language. Let me know what you guys think. Probably won't change my mind though. Being suspended for a few days will give me an excuse to stay home, and also give me a few days to look for new schools.

That's it, fucking enjoy.


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I'm a Brony, a Furry, and an airsofter. I reenact the Vietnam war, Iraqi Freedom, Grenada, and the Fallschirmjagers of WWII.

That's it... I'm a pretty boring person...

"Glück ab!"

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